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Antioch Network is an international fellowship of apostolically gifted leaders shaped by a calling to “Prepare the Way for the King”. This ministry model is rooted in the New Testament model known as “apostolic teams”, and its flexibility allows for a wide range of Kingdom initiatives. It is our privilege and calling to cultivate an environment where those with apostolic gifting can: 1) Be recognized and affirmed, 2) Grow and be empowered in their calling, 3) Be released to fulfill the specific purpose to which God has called them.

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God has been at work among His people throughout history and continues so today. Thus Antioch Network seeks to reflect a faith and practice that not only spans the centuries, but is also informed by the diverse expressions of Christ’s Church. With vigilance and eagerness we strive to “Prepare the Way for the King”, when every nation and people will proclaim “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.”



Ministry Spotlight

Refugee work in SE Turkey.  There are over 60 million refugees in the world today, at least half are children and Turkey is the largest host of refugees in the world. The International Turkey Network (ITN) is partnering closely with the Association of Protestant Churches in Turkey (TEK) as its member churches minister to the needs of refugees from Syria and Iraq. The needs of the refugees are immense and the situation in southeast Turkey is both continually changing and very sensitive. At this time there are three main opportunities for overseas partners looking to effectively support this ministry:

1. Prayer – to become connected contact the International Turkey Network.

2. Volunteer medical doctors and dentists.  Doctors and dentists interested in serving short term (eg: 1 – 2 weeks), or long term (six months or more), please contact the International Turkey Network.

3. Finances – food, clothing, medicines, tents and the like are purchased more cost effectively within Turkey than overseas. To assist ITN raise funds to help the churches in Turkey fund the purchase of essentials please donate here.




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