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Releasing and supporting pioneer leaders to initiate local and global ministry

We believe that in order for the gospel to be proclaimed, disciples to be made, and God’s kingdom come, we need pioneer leaders.

One of the greatest needs today is for Christ-like leaders, we are committed to this, so that our leaders can do Jesus’ work in Jesus’ way.

Pioneer leaders, to be effective, need a community of similarly called leaders who they can find fellowship with and the support they need.



Ministry Spotlight – International Turkey Network (ITN)

The International Turkey Network (ITN) is an advocacy and partnering network for advancing the kingdom of God and preparing for the spiritual awakening of Turkey. We endeavor to hear God, discern the contextual realities of Turkey, and communicate these to the church. ITN has been engaged in Turkey for over 20 years and operates ministry hubs in Turkey and overseas. ITN is not a sending agency. 

The networking ministries of ITN include:

  • Connecting the Global Church
  • Investing in Christian leaders
  • Supporting prayer movements
  • Engaging in strategic partnerships

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