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Releasing and supporting pioneer leaders to initiate local and global ministry

For the gospel to be proclaimed, disciples to be made, and God’s kingdom come, we need pioneer leaders.
Pioneer leaders, and all leaders for that matter, need to be formed deeply in Christ in order to be leaders that can do Jesus’ work in Jesus’ way.
Pioneer leaders need a strong support system and a community of similarly called leaders who they can find fellowship with and the support they need.



Ministry Spotlight

God has enabled the Wittenberg 2017 leadership team to prepare well for the upcoming anniversary.  There are several significant dates coming up, that you should know about.

1. June 14-18  We will gather in Wittenberg for the first time. The location will be the Leucorea, a meeting facility housed in the very building that was the university that Martin Luther taught in immediately prior to the Reformation! The meeting will build on the wonderful work that God did in Rome, and also will be the kickoff for The 500 Days.

2. June 18, 2016 – October 31, 2017 The 500 Days will be focused on encouraging Christians in Europe, the US and around the world to prepare for the anniversary through prayer, fasting, study, art, local acts of reconciliation, and the like. Resources being prepared for The 500 Days include many provided by the A2J community, including the Church Divisions course that Danny has revised specifically for this purpose. A GoFundMe campaign is planned for May, which if successful should enable a social media campaign throughout The 500 Days.

3. November 1 – 5, 2017  The big meeting in Wittenberg! Planning is still being finalized, but we are hoping to do both a conference and a prayer room in parallel, with room for 500+ to participate.


The Leucorea – formerly the University of Wittenberg where Martin Luther taught & developed the 95 Theses


Sneak peek at the new Wittenberg 2017 US website, which is being developed in collaboration with A2J and Antioch Network


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