A Tribe, A Car, And A Bible Translation Project

by | May 4, 2021

This is update from George & Alison

Ready for the Good News

You’ve seen a QASHQAI driving down your street, undoubtedly. Now, would you like to hear the ‘Back Story’? Several years ago Nissan car manufacturers built a large factory in southern Iran on the Persian Gulf. They searched for a catchy brand name for their new make of car, when one of their local employees pipped up, “I’m a QASHQAI. Our tribe lives here and you employ a lot of us”. “Right, a very good idea, we’ll go with QASHQAI!” said the plant manager. Of course Nissan doesn’t know that there are a million QASHQAI people speaking a Turkic language ready for the Good News. Now every time we spot a QASHQAI car driving by we pray for QASHQAI salvation. Meanwhile, one of our Turkish Ministry partners has met a QASHQAI believer who is excited about translating the New Testament into QASHQAI. One of our translation team will hopefully meet with this QASHQAI believer in Istanbul next month.

*For those in the US, Nissan has named this vehicle “Rogue Sport”

Prayer Request

Please pray for a good beginning to this project that the Qashqai will get their opportunity to read the New Testament in their heart language.


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