Where We Work
The links below don’t represent the full scope of work of Antioch Network. Other activities and ministries are not included because of security concerns or the other issues related to the appropriateness of public attention.

The Eifel Fellowship
A Vision of Reconciliation: As God’s spiritual Kingdom advances, often unseen, throughout the earth, and the wisdom and power of Christ increasingly transform individuals, may hostility and division among people, groups, families, Christian traditions and nations be dissolved through 1) confession of historic and current wrongs, 2) representational and personal repentance, 3) asking for and extending forgiveness and 4) walking with one another in humility, respect and love. Learn More

Wittenberg 2017
The overarching vision of Wittenberg 2017 is to bring healing and light to the diversity and beauty of God’s Church. A strident spirit of individualism, division, and corruption impacts many locations around the globe, and one result is that the diversity and beauty of God’s Church and created world are often eclipsed by the ugliness of sin, separation, and suffering. At the same time, there is an increasing number of Christians in the world who seek to find common ground with others who are prepared to sit at the table of conversation in order to learn and appreciate the differences and commonalities between churches. These members of the Body of Christ yearn for the unity for which Christ prayed. Learn More

Turkey Network (ITN)
The calling of the International Turkey Network (ITN) is to advance the purposes of God and prepare for the spiritual awakening of Turkey. ITN endeavors to connect the resources, spiritual gifts, experience, and wisdom of the global church to the work in Turkey. These partnerships find expression in a variety of ways including prayer, encouragement, training, research, consultation, resources development, telling the story of Turkey, and facilitating activities for those called to serve there. Learn More

Apprenticeship to Jesus (A2J)
A2J is an ecumenical fellowship of Christians, who are both Protestant and Catholic, (and we pray someday also Orthodox), who are called to a Way of life with Jesus, as his friends and partners in mission to love and serve the Church and further God’s kingdom. We are united by our Rule of Life, which expresses our values and appreciation of monastic spirituality and its simple and rich rhythms of prayer, study and service. This fellowship is founded on two core pursuits: 1) The contemplative life (intimacy with God) and 2) The active life (engaging the mission of God on earth). Learn More

Ends of the Earth Network
The purpose of Ends of the Earth Network is to serve as a global catalyst in motivating and equipping the Body of Christ to work together in order to facilitate church planting movements in strategic locations to make the name of Jesus Christ known to the ends of the earth; that a people for His name would be raised up among every nation and all tribes and peoples and languages. Learn More

Christ the Reconciler
Christ the Reconciler is a retreat center in Central Texas, where a community of Catholics and Protestants welcome individuals, families and small groups. We are located between Elgin and Bastrop, about 30 minutes east of Austin. Learn More

Pendik Fellowship
The Pendik Protestant Fellowship, a branch of the Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation, aims to meet the religious needs of Christians in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Constitution. The Pendik Fellowship, open since 2011, provides and facilitates worship for Christians who live around the Pendik area. Our fellowship cherishes Turkey’s national and cultural values and conducts its worship services in Turkish. Learn More

Winterberg 2017
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