Our Journey

Antioch Network was birthed in the North American Evangelical stream of Christianity in 1987.

JesusAs a result, our values and practices have been shaped significantly by the distinctives of that movement. In recent years, however, we have sensed a strong leading from the Lord that we would do well to learn from our brothers and sisters in other streams of the modern global Church as well as the fathers and mothers of the Christian faith. There is also a growing awareness among us that as non-Jewish believers in the Messiah we have much to learn from our Jewish brothers. We have been enriched as we learn from them all.

Although we do not feel called to leave behind our Evangelical roots, we earnestly desire to make Biblical and Godly connections with others who are honoring God and the Scriptures.

In our earliest days we adopted the Lausanne Covenant as our Statement of Faith. We continue to grow in our desire, however, to affirm the incredible richness of our historic faith, and so we have sought to also identify with the early church. In order to do so we have come to value in a new and fresh way the ancient creeds of the church…particularly the Apostles Creed* and the Nicene Creed*. (We are aware that our brothers in the Orthodox Church have been reluctant to adopt certain aspects of the Nicene Creed due to the historical offense when this creed was ratified. And though we do not wish to add to that offense, we believe the creed has much to offer to the Church today. So we wish to embrace it in humility.)

Our early years were built on two deeply embedded pillars:

  1. The completion of world evangelization, with a particular emphasis on those who have not yet heard the good news of the gospel.

  2. A high value for the local church and its God-given role in the Great Commission.

    Recently, we have come to realize that there has been a third pillar all along:
  3. The pursuit of intimacy with God, resulting in the gradual transformation of the person.

Our original attempts to articulate the values which God was birthing in us as an organization were written in Our Passions. Though heavily emphasizing our initial focus on world evangelization, these values continue to be a strong foundation upon which we have built.

Our commitment to the original pillars of our calling has remained constant, though we see the Lord expanding our understanding of the various activities we undertake to fulfill the call. Today, areas of reconciliation, discipleship and networking are where the Lord is primarily drawing our attention.