Because we are a fellowship of leaders, the Antioch Network team is actually composed of many smaller teams – each one pursuing a unique vision for Kingdom work, yet joined together in common bonds of fellowship and ministry. The teams are multinational and decentralized. As such, we must be intentional about keeping our relational ties strong. One way we do that is by meeting together:

  • As the entire fellowship, in sites that span the globe. The sites are chosen with our calling in mind… so the meeting sites are somehow related to our calling in evangelism, discipleship or reconciliation.
  • As smaller teams in more regional settings as the needs of the team demand.


These gatherings are often characterized by:

  • A daily schedule framed by Worship and Prayer and Intercession
  • Sharing and interacting together as we sense the Spirit leading, perhaps including some teaching from invited guests or various members of the fellowship
  • Pilgrimage; visiting places of historical or contemporary spiritual significance

While our meetings are by invitation only, we recognize that one of the best ways for apostolically gifted leaders to get to know us and to possibly benefit from our fellowship is to join us at one of these global or regional events as resources and schedule permit. If you would like to learn more about these gatherings, or are interested in attending, please contact us.