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The following messages are available for free download. You may make copies of these messages provided you do not charge for them. Please remember that each message was given in the context of an Antioch Network meeting, and some comments may be directed specifically to the participants of that meeting.

From the Gathering – Phoenix, AZ, USA; January 2012
George Miley, Founder of Antioch Network

Message 1: The Voice of Antioch Network: Apprenticeship to Jesus: The Foundation – Antioch Network is a fellowship with a prophetic calling. Our “prophetic message” can be broken down into “prophetic messages”. Our collective voice is composed of various components. Each component springs from a common foundation: Discipleship (Apprenticeship) to Jesus— the process by which Christlikeness is formed in the inner life.


Message 2: The Voice of Antioch Network: Ten Components – Antioch Network is a work of God. Every work of God is fragile, imperfect, flawed, because it is made up offragile, imperfect, flawed people. But there is also something here that is sacred. We have anapostolic, prophetic calling. We have been entrusted by God with a voice.



From the Gathering – Seattle, WA, USA; January 2011
George Miley, Founder of Antioch Network

Message 1: An Introduction to Apostolic Ministry – How can we move forward to gain a fuller understanding of what the New Testament wants us to know about apostolic ministry in ways that respect the different views found today in the Body of Christ? Jesus laid the foundations of apostolic ministry in the Gospels. Our understanding must begin here.


Message 2: An Overview of the Characteristics of Apostolic Leaders – How does the New Testament describe those it names as apostles? In the development of a Christian minister there is calling and gifting. But gifting rests on the foundation of character. Without a deepening experience of being formed in Christ-likeness, gifting will malfunction. Apart from Christ-likeness in the inner life, we do not yet have New Testament apostolic ministry.


Message 3: Apostolic Ministry and Inner Healing – Each of us carries wounded places within us – the result of our own sin and the sin of others around us. Our unhealed places impede or block our maturing process. When apostolic leaders are energized by gifting, but are not yet mature in their journey to Christ-likeness, much damage can occur to others, to themselves, and to the work of God. Our healing takes place as we abide in God’s Presence.



From the Gathering – Austin, TX, USA; June 2009
George Miley, Founder of Antioch Network

Practicing the Presence of God – How does one pray without ceasing? What is praying without ceasing anyway? Our first parents in the garden had unbroken, natural access to and communion with their Creator. Sin entered the picture, and that which was natural became unnatural. So it is today: To human beings God seems remote and inaccessible. Consistent communion with Him feels unnatural. What does the process look like that gradually restores our soul for uninterrupted interaction with our Father? Hint: We learn this through apprenticeship to Jesus.


The Role of Messianic Jews in Reconciliation Throughout the Church – Jesus prayed to His Father that His Church would be one. It is unthinkable that the Father will not answer that prayer. Throughout history sins have been committed against the unity of the Church that have left divisions and animosities embedded in collective memory. Heart unity must be preceded by a process of reconciliation dealing Biblically with historic wrongs. The initial division in Christ’s Body was between its Jewish and Gentile expressions (2nd to 4th centuries). A process resulting in these two being reconciled might provide insight for reconciliation among Gentile churches.


From the Gathering – Frisco, CO, USA; January 2009
George Miley, Founder of Antioch Network

Apprenticeship to Jesus: Foundational Understandings – Jesus is the greatest Teacher in all of world history. He came to teach us how to enter and live in the Kingdom of God… to know life in all its fullness. Establishing Him as our Master Teacher leads to a process of being transformed into His likeness on the inside. Here are foundational understandings that underpin this process.


Spiritual Battle – Jesus came to earth to destroy the devil’s work. The most significant act of spiritual battle ever undertaken was when He went to the cross. Here the devil was defeated. What were the steps Jesus took in going to the cross? His example here becomes our model as to how to enter into spiritual battle.

Miley-Spiritual-Battle-Jan-7-20091 00:00

From the International Gathering – Herrnhut, Germany; June 2008

Father Peter Hocken: was born in 1932 and ordained as priest for the Catholic Diocese of Northampton, England in 1964. He received his PhD in 1984 from the University of Birmingham, England, and was Chaplain to the Bishop of Northampton from 1997-2001. A British citizen, Father Peter has been privileged to minister around the world, with bases in: England (1964-1976, then again 1996-2002); the United States (1976-1996); and Austria (2002-present). He has been active in the charismatic movement since 1971, and served as Executive Secretary of the Society for Pentecostal Studies, 1988-1997. A renowned teacher and author for more than thirty years, his writings include: Streams of Renewal; One Lord, One Spirit, One Body; The Glory and the Shame; Strategy of the Spirit?, The Spirit of Unity: How Renewal is Breaking Down Barriers between Evangelicals and Roman Catholics; Toward Jerusalem Council Two: The Vision and the Story; (with Daniel Juster) The Messianic Jewish Movement; The Marranos; Church Forward and others. Peter is a member of the executive of Toward Jerusalem Council II, and is increasingly becoming a cherished friend of Hanna and George Miley.

“Toward Jerusalem Council II” – June 9, 2008 (includes German translation)


Satyanandan (Satya): grew up in a coastal city in Tamil Nadu, India. In 1963, at the age of 16, he met Christ and shortly thereafter responded to a call to ministry. His desire was to live like David Brainerd, the 18th century missionary to Native Americans, and die by the age of 30. During his early years of ministry Satya traveled throughout South India pioneering churches and worshipping communities; the first fruits of a life of prayer, simple living among the poor and the proclamation of the Gospel.

In 1981, Satya married and moved to North India where his two children were born. Amidst the spiritual darkness and oppression of North India, God led Satya to devote himself to prayer and fasting. Despite great difficulties and personal challenges, they were able to gather pastors from throughout their city to pray and fast for spiritual breakthroughs. At the urging of missionary and church leaders, Satya wrote “Survival Guide” to help Christian workers prepare for ministry in North India at a time when the attrition rate was 95% to 98%. He later wrote “Something Personal,” a candid sharing of the struggles he and his family faced during their decades of ministry in North India. “Questions to Face to Bear Fruit” is another work by Satya, written to help Christian workers lead disciplined lives of integrity.

When his wife died in 1999, Satya and his children returned to South India where he served as a teacher and the principal of a Bible college until 2006. In January 2007, Satya returned to North India where he has since been engaged with ministries working to rescue victims of human trafficking. He currently serves on the Boards of several Christian organizations that are working to free women from the oppression of forced prostitution. Through prayer, counsel and pastoral care, Satya serves the workers of multiple organizations that are focused on providing an alternative way of life to victims of human trafficking. His son is a doctor that has just returned to medical school for further studies. His daughter recently completed her bachelor’s degree.

“Principles of Spiritual Warfare – Part 1” – June 10, 2008 (regrettably, the last few minutes of this message have been lost)


“Principles of Spiritual Warfare – Part 2” – June 10, 2008 (includes German translation)


Paul Miller: Having been converted to Christ in India in 1972, Paul Miller met up with the Youth With a Mission team (YWAM) then in Kabul, Afghanistan, and for the next 17 years worked with YWAM in Afghanistan, Holland and England. Returning to the United States in 1989 he pursued his M.A. in public policy and J.D. from Regent University (VA). Moving out to Seattle in 1994 to join Interdev, he eventually pursued both a law practice and part-time involvement with Interdev until in 2004 beginning his PhD research project focused on Evangelical missionaries working cooperatively in their evangelism and discipleship with the Catholic Church in culturally Catholic lands of Europe.

Paul has written four books, three published in Britain and one in Colombia: Knowing God’s Will, The Reluctant Evangelist, Into the Arena: God and Politics, Arise Colombia and Take Your Inheritance.

Paul has two children, grown and, in his own words, flown the coup… and one wife, Mary.

“Reconciliation and Mission” – June 11, 2008


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