Our Key Definitions

International Fellowship
TransfigurationBy saying “international”, we are intentionally multicultural. When we say “fellowship”, we sense the Spirit is developing a team that is:
  • Spirit-led
  • Relational-based
  • Values driven
  • Defined by “who we are” more than “what we do”
  • Inter-generational
  • Men and women in our leadership
  • Intentionally diverse in our Christian traditions (i.e.: Anglican, Messianic Jewish, Non-denominational, Roman Catholic, etc.)
And a team that is not:
  • Overly bureaucratic and hierarchical
  • Primarily corporate-minded (though we certainly honor the corporate structures required by the law of our land)
International-Group Apostolically Gifted Leaders
The Antioch Network team is:
  • Composed of apostolically gifted leaders, called of God to initiate new works and movements in a variety of roles and contexts, and who find value in the relationships cultivated within the Antioch Network fellowship.
  • A collection of “teams within a team”, each team’s leader relating closely to the other leaders of the Antioch Network fellowship.
  • Inclusive of those whose personal gifting may not be apostolic in nature, but feel called to serve and support the work of the overall fellowship.
  • Decentralized operationally, freeing the pioneering process to operate in a wide array of arenas.
  • Finds its cohesion in a common calling, shared values, intersection of activities and personal relationships of the fellowship.
You can read more about this important theme here, in the writings of our Founder, George Miley.

Prepare The Way
With diligence we endeavor to ready Christ’s Church, a people set apart from every tribe, tongue and nation, for the triumphant return of Christ.