A Note from Ryan M. Thurman — President, Antioch Network
I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife Noleen and our four children. We have been serving with Antioch Network (AN) since 2005, but my relationship with George and Hanna Miley goes back to 1994 when I first partnered with them in a developing work in Bosnia. In my first few years with Antioch Network I had the opportunity to work with different AN leaders in five different continents. This allowed me a great opportunity to get an overview of the different ministry expressions and also build strong relationships with AN leaders and their teams. In The past eight years, I have worked very closely with different AN leaders and especially the council in the founding and development of Apprenticeship to Jesus. These rich experiences have prepared me for my current role serving as president. Serving with AN is an honor and joy, some of my deepest friendships are found here and the wiser and ‘older’ leaders have become my spiritual mothers and fathers in the faith as they have modeled what it looks like to faithfully follow Jesus for many years.

My Vision for Antioch Network
Antioch Network has a rich history that you can read about in the founders page. I want to build upon this foundation, increasing our capacity to offer more opportunities for leaders to be developed and supported both personally and professionally as they find their ministry home with us. I am passionate about giving younger leaders the same gift I have received in my journey these past ten years, as I have been mentored, nurtured and released into ministry. I am committed to finding creative and innovative ways for the AN Fellowship, who are scattered across the globe, to stay connected. It is my goal to facilitate opportunities to gather together as a fellowship to help foster deep relationships with one another, to hear from God together, and to learn from one another. Finally, I feel called to give leadership and support to the developing of apostolic hubs. While the AN council was together in Volkenroda, Germany in 2013 we sensed the Lord revealing a new development among us. We saw that as AN leaders and their teams were becoming more rooted in locations around the world this was releasing the emergence of apostolic hubs.

Listing on a whiteboard in Volkenroda, Germany the different locations we sensed God calling us to develop hubs.
Listing on a whiteboard in Volkenroda, Germany the different locations we sensed God calling us to develop hubs.