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David-and-GreetjaDavid and Greetje

Hanna-and-GeorgeHanna and George

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Hans-Peter-and-VerenaHans-Peter & Verena

Ludwig and Cecily

Randy Shreckengast
Randy joined Antioch Network in 2001 after 15 years of serving in local church leadership. His passion is missions, and his gifting is in administration. In 2005, Randy assumed the role of V.P. of Operations, overseeing all the day-to-day functions of Antioch Network including finances and personnel. Randy and his wife, Diane, live in Pennsylvania.

Hanna Miley
Hanna was born in 1932 into a Jewish family from Gemünd (Eifel), Germany. Her parents, Amalie and Markus Zack, placed her on a Kinder Transport to England and safety five weeks before the outbreak of WWII. Amalie and Markus died in the Holocaust. Hanna found a personal relationship with Israel’s God when she placed her faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah. She and George met in Belgium, were married in India, and have spent over 50 years in Christian ministry, serving in some 100 countries.

George Miley
George was one of the leaders who laid the foundations of the Operation Mobilization (OM) work in India in the 1960s. He was then pioneer Director of the OM ships LOGOS and DOULOS. In 1987 he founded Antioch Network. The Mileys are active in the ministry of reconciliation, based some months each year in Hanna’s home region of Germany, the Eifel. Now in their senior years, George and Hanna are committing their life-teaching to writing, offering it to the generations who follow them.

Ryan Thurman
Ryan lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, Noleen and their four children, they have been serving with Antioch Network (AN) since 2005. In The past eight years, they have worked very closely with the AN council in the founding and development of Apprenticeship to Jesus. This rich and maturing experience has helped prepare Ryan for his current role serving AN, as president.

Hans-Peter and Verena Lang
Hans-Peter and Verena are living in a small town in the North-Eastern part of Austria. We learned to know AN at a meeting in Antakya/Turkey 2010. We both served for many years as regional and national leaders in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Austria. In the last twenty years our main focus was and is on reconciliation between churches and on the unity of the Body of Christ, especially in the initiative “Wittenberg 2017”. Our passion is to bring light and understanding into historical facts of the history of the churches and serving as bridge-builders in the Body of Christ.

David and Greetje Sanders
David and Greetje have been serving the Lord for almost 40 years in the city of Berlin, Germany. Initially our focus was on ministry to Turks but now God has opened the door to many other nations. We are learning to become a father and mother for the harvest and finding others in the city with the same call. This includes a strong involvement with Teen Challenge and their commitment to the least in society.

Thomas and Amy Cogdell
Thomas and Amy have served on the Antioch Council since 2011. After leading the Austin (TX) House of Prayer for over a decade, they moved to the small town of Elgin, TX to found Christ the Reconciler, a ministry center devoted to hospitality, spiritual formation, and prayer for Christian unity. The Cogdells have a strong personal interest in Christian reconciliation because Thomas is Protestant and Amy is Catholic. Their hopes and prayers for unity led to the initial vision of the Wittenberg 2017 gatherings. In addition to these ministry pursuits, Thomas works as an upstream oil & gas consultant for Athens Group and serves as CEO of Day & Night Waters, makers of Cielo bottled water.

Daniel Malakowsky
In 2009 Daniel joined AN to assist in the development and oversight of Apprenticeship to Jesus. Apart from his work with AN, Daniel has served in local churches, primarily in the areas of mission and outreach, and has a heart for spiritual formation and reconciliation. He resides in Arizona with his wife, Evelynn, and their three children.

Ludwig and Cecily Benecke
Ludwig and Cecily Benecke live in a small town in the north of Bavaria, Germany. As a mixed-denominational couple (Lutheran and Catholic), they have served for several years in initiatives that seek to increase unity within the universal Church. Through one of these initiatives – Wittenberg 2017 – they first got in touch with Antioch Network in 2014.

Another important focus of their Christian ministry is the unity between the Jewish and Gentile streams of the Church. Looking at this issue made them more and more aware of the need for discipleship, especially within the traditional churches of Europe. They feel that opening up their home and providing personal opportunities for individuals and small groups to meet with Jesus and learn from Him is an important opportunity God has given them.

J.K. has been involved from the early days of Antioch with local churches, leadership development, and cross-cultural work.