How to Join

How to join our fellowship

Antioch Network exists to support, release, and connect apostolically-gifted leaders in global kingdom ministry. Since 1987, we have championed pioneering new works through our distributed community of leaders, teams, ministries, and partner networks.

If you are the leader of an already existing ministry or network and would like to join Antioch Network, please contact us. As a network of leaders, their teams and ministries, our process is highly relational and built on the development of mutual trust with one another. Those who comprise the network commit:

  1. To the shared values of the Antioch Network
  2. To connect with and pray for other network leaders and teams, fostering a culture of mutual reciprocation
  3. To participate in both our in-person gatherings (annual) and virtual gatherings (throughout the year) as we are able

If you are an apostolically-gifted leader and are looking for a network to support and release that gifting, please contact us, as we would love explore that with you.

Antioch Network is for those who:

Have a clear call from the Lord to develop and pioneer a new work of God.

Are connected to and support the local church.

Are able to develop their own personal and financial support team.

Participate at least annually in Antioch Network activities.

What We Provide

Financial and legal oversight

We assist our network leaders by providing a platform for them to raise financial support, distribute funds safely and legally, and receive organizational oversight.

Training and equipping

We create resources and facilitate opportunities for the continued growth and development of our members.

Family and mentorship

We foster connection and provide relational support through our in-person and online gatherings.


We promote the works coming from our community by sharing their stories and inspiring others to do what God has called them to do except in sensitive ministry locations.