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Miscellaneous Projects

Miley – Eifel Fellowship
Persian Women Ministry
Wittenberg 2017

A2J Projects
Apprenticeship to Jesus General Projects (You can make donations to specific apprentices at the Team Member page.)

Senegal Projects
Business as Mission Initiative
Senegal – General Projects
Senegal – Kaffrine CP
Senegal – Kaffrine School
Senegal – MED Director
Senegal – Wolof Conn.

Turkey Projects
ITN – General Projects
Turkey – Ali P.
Turkey – ATPC
Turkey – Bible Translation
Turkey – Bookstore
Turkey – Buluşma Noktası Scholarships for In-Country Residents
Turkey – Buluşma Noktası Scholarships for Helping Global Participants
Turkey – Follow Up
Turkey – Senior Church Leaders’ Retreat
Turkey – Levent
Turkey – Özbeks
Turkey – Pendik Church
Turkey – Pastoral English Language Training
Turkey – Radio Shema
Turkey – Sky Generation Ministry
Turkey – Syrian and Iraqi Refugees
Turkey – Timothy Project
Turkey – Turk to Turk
Turkey – TV Station
Turkey – Young Leaders Initiative

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